I like to bake. I like to cook. I like to watch and read and listen to stuff. I dabble in history. Usually I like to write as well.

So I thought, why not bake/cook things from what I’m watching/reading/possibly listening to. I can get into history to make it kind of authentic.

I also work full time, write fiction, engage with the people I love, go to church, and try to exercise on regular basis.


3 thoughts on “About”

  1. Love the “lurking” bit in your summary. Feel free to put that here and elaborate! Looking forward to reading your musings 🙂


    • “Lurking” means hanging around reading a website, but not participating in any conversations there. I have a long history of this. On some blogs and message boards, it was about staying informed or being interested in something innocuous, but others were like niche soap operas unfolding in real time.

      And thank you! For everything.


  2. And the best way to start that dialogue you want is to start commenting on those blogs you like. Then, hopefully, they will return the courtesy and talk back!


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